2008 Auto Style Awards

It’s been a sobering year for the auto industry amidst sagging sales and government bailouts. Two of this year’s Auto Style Award winners have seen their worst losses ever. Another winner was sold off in the midst of a major product launch, while another was unveiled as gas prices reached their highest levels ever. Even the once-thought impervious luxury market has felt the effects of a global recession. All this would make the recognition of beautiful car design seem like an exercise in frivolity. Naturally we disagree.

Despite the receding economy, the auto industry continues to produce incredibly stylish cars, with brilliant amenities and unique features. Though our priorities have have shifted for the time-being, these stylish cars continue to inspire. And when the worst is behind us, these cars will lead the industry into a renaissance it hasn't seen in decades. With that, we announce our winners of the 2009 Auto Style Awards: The Bentley Brooklands, BMW X6, Dodge Challenger SRT/8, Ford Flex, and Jaguar XF.

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