2008 Auto Style Awards

For the 2008 Auto Style Awards, our 8th Annual look at the most stylish cars for the new model year, something slightly unexpected happened. Five attainable (well, not six figures, at least) cars conquered what has become an annual parade of ostentatious Bentleys and Benzes. Yet as all Auto Style Award winners can boast, the 2008 class absolutely demonstrates, literally, what drives the good life, at a fraction of the price of winners past.

Could this scrupulous result be the eventuality of soaring oil prices and an economy flirting with the “R” word, or rather, the simple fact that you no longer need to invest $100,000+ to own a well-engineered, fun to drive, and beautifully designed automobile?

We say it’s the latter, propelled by what can only be described as a legitimate American design renaissance. With that, we present this year's winners, the Audi S5, Buick Enclave, Cadillac CTS, Ford Mustang Bullitt, and Jaguar XKR Portfolio.

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