Jet Lag. Uniquely Styled.


By James Lee

Breaking into the elusive menswear market is a formidable challenge. Regular guys want to look like average Joes while the fashion set is obsessed with the length of their pants. Thankfully with collections like Jet Lag, men can look masculine in well-fitting clothing without looking persnickety, or trendy from head to toe without looking flashy. Jet Lag arrived in the US in 2004 and can be found at major department stores and boutiques worldwide. The line includes innovative takes on fashion staples like cargo pants and great shorts, and fantastic Italian denim.

Jet Lag is expanding their offerings to include a complete trend-setting fashionable line of tops and outerwear. The styles they present are seemingly simple, but the fit, fabric, and textures suggest more. The collection is styled to work well together while reflecting the major trends of the moment. Function is part of the styling that grounds the collection.

Be part of the jet set the stylish sophistication from Jet Lag. Denim for true denim lovers, created with great fit in styles that are uniquely different. Don't lag on style. Get with the Jet Set and fly high with Jet Lag. Available at Bloomingdales and Macys.

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