A Collection for Confidant. Studmuffin NYC by Kyle Brincefield.


By Liz Weeks

Oh New York City, you city of dreams, thank you for making Kyle Brincefield feel at home and introducing him to the infamous doyenne of style and club wear. This Indiana native brought a suitcase and his hyper creative imagination to your increasing homogenized landscape and he has studded his way into the fashion limelight.

His ascent is particularly commendable in light of the increasing rumored demise of New York City's vibrant nightlife scene, once an incubator for "what's next" in fashion. Kyle, wearing his one-of-a-kind studded creations, out and about in the nightlife scene got noticed and this clever young man realized he might be on to something. His friends, drag queens, DJs and club kids gravitated to his unique creations, as he was keeping the traditions of club wear vibrant and alive.

He is now part of that tribe, a creative force of energy, brave, bold and beautiful! He is also a young entrepreneur and fashion designer for his label Studmuffin NYC. Uber celebs have worn his clothes and his creations often appear in fashion editorial. While the pieces are still unique and handcrafted the Studmuffin NYC line has evolved from it studded past to include a bedazzled range of materials, fabric treatments, spikes and adornments. The collection reminds me of the nightlife of the late-great eighties and that electric fashion moment when Madonna met Marisol.

When Patricia Field notices your work you are doing something stellar. Brincefield has styled for Ms. Fields and his collection is sold in her shop. He cites her has a mentor and he seems to be respectfully proud to be part of the House of Field. Great work Kyle, and once again, "Welcome" - were watching you, and your work, with admiration.

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