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Erections past the age of 40 to 45 can become difficult.Truth be told, men in their 20's and 30's also suffer from failure to perform. By age 50, an estimated 78-85% of men have chronic erectile dysfunction (impotency) which is due to an insidious and unseen culprit...low levels of testosterone.

The Myth

"It will never happen to me..I'm too young!"

The Breakthrough

New discoveries can return sexual ability regardless of age. Around the world, men are spending billions of dollars on the latest drugs to combat impotence or simply improve their ability to make love. 

New Findings

Some women call their monthly menstrual cycle a curse, but middle-aged males have their own demon to deal with-and ours can be equally as frustrating, uncomfortable and embarrassing. While women naturally loose estrogen at middle age, men lose testosterone. As precious testosterone diminishes in a man, so can muscle tone, virility, sex drive and sexual performance. This condition is the male equivalent of women's menopause known as andropause. 

Research has shown that men's testosterone levels begin to decline slowly around age 21 and decrease rapidly by the age of 36-38. Emotional trauma (ie divorce), chronic illness such as diabetes and stress hasten this decline.

Even levels of androstenedione, a testosterone precursor, drop very rapidly after about age 25. Men with diabetes, arthritis and other chronic diseases have even lower lovels. The loss of androgens such as those mentioned above is why men grow flabby and loose their muscle tone. 

Medical Studies Confirm

While the past four decades have produced medical technology offering us a better wuality and longer life, now the issue is turning rapidly towards how can men maintain healthy sexual function as they enjoy a longer life. Some of these findings you can read about at

Declining free testosterone is associated with erectile dysfunction, says Dr.G.A.Magoha of the Department of Surgery, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya. (1) "It has now been well established by various investigators that there is a statistically significant decline of the biologically available level of serum testosterone with aging,this age related decline is usually associated with decline in sexual function." 

Double Blind Study Proof

A double-blind clinical study of a particular product yielded astonishing results. According to Dr.Tim Ziegenfuss, the preliminary findings of his study at Eastern Michigan University indicate Rapid and Extraordinary increases in testosterone following supplementation with a particular product. It increase the serum testosterone levels 98% within 40 minutes!(2) 

Q: I've been married for 26 years. My wife and I have always enjoyed a very warm relationship and great sex life. At first I thought it was imply stress or the fact that the winter months prevented me from exercising that made sex difficult. A decent erection was impossible. Do I have to resort to some kind of drug or penis injection? Robert W., Florida

A: "Don't worry, you are both capable of enjoying plenty of lovemaking for years to come. Robert, it is very possible that your testosterone level may be only 25% or 30% of what it used to be. We can help you change that naturally! 

Q: I'm 58 and I have just had a thorough physicial and am quite healthy. I told my doctor I could no longer get an erection. He started to tell me about penile injections and expensive medications. I would rather go a natural route..can you help? Larry W., New York

A: Larry, we offer a program that not only increase your ability to become erect naturally, it will also increase your testosterone levels. Yes, I think we can help.

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