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Hot for Teacher

Dear David and Ron,

One my of my college instructors is very attractive and nice looking, and I would like to know how I can seduce her. She is married and is having problems at home. What do I do to charm her and win her over to me?

- Paul

Hi Paul! Thanks for writing!

Hot for teacher, eh? What man hasn't had the fantasy of being with a female instructor?

We know it is possible, because we know a man who did it. He was completely aroused by one of his college instructors, but had no idea how to get close to her. He ended up having a relationship with her for three-and-a-half years. Here's what he did:

Mostly, he was persistent and patient. "I'd make sure to talk with her after each class, and often I walked her to her car, or back to her office. I was so attracted to her--I sometimes worried that I'd jump on her and start kissing her, which, at that point, would have been most unwelcome. But she was just so HOT..."

He made sure to date other women, and, after he graduated that fall, kept in touch with her, and they went out to lunch about once every six months. "I was still dating other women, but I figured that getting together with her once in a while wasn't hurting anything, and I knew she was having problems with her husband, so I kept up with her."

One day she came to lunch crying--her husband had just left her. "Of course, I was delighted, but I played it cool," he says. "I wanted to ask her out for a dinner, but I thought she would object, so I set up a dinner party--but no one else could come! So I called her and asked if it would be okay if it was just us going to the theater. She said that would be okay, but then I couldn't get tickets! So we went out to dinner, I made my romantic interest known, and the rest is history!"

This probably isn't the news you wanted to hear, Paul...You probably wanted to hear about how you could seduce her right now. But you should know that in most universities these days, instructors are extremely paranoid about having sex with their students. You are best off getting to know her in a more "friendly" way now, and building on it later, once you are no longer her student, and if her relationship with her husband continues to erode.

But once again, it's essential that this women not be your "one and only hope." You must be dating other women. This fantasy-teacher needs to be very much of a side-project. Think of it this way--the real work is with other women; this one is extra credit!

Best of luck to you!

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